A Work Trip

Last week I was away for work … for the entire week … with my boss.

When I was younger I use to think that travelling around for work would be fun … you get to see new places etc. This ISN’T how I feel about it now!!! I was away for 7 days … 7 days away from hubby and the kids!! I did not have fun.

I did learn an awful lot while I was away (which I suppose was the point) … and we learned alot about the work we are currently busy with and the direction we should be taking it, based on what is being done in Europe. So from a professional and academic standpoint it was a worthwhile trip. The plant tours were especially impressive … the environmental, health and safety standards are incredibly high and most of our local plants do not come close to those kinds of standards of operation. So it was quite impressive.

I missed home terribly though. I called every day via Whatsapp (how great is that functionality btw??) since there was free wi-fi at the conference and the hotel. It felt incredibly strange being away from home all by myself … every time I saw something interesting I would think about how I wished hubby was with me to share it. There wasn’t alot of time to do sight-seeing anyway … the days were full of work related things.

We landed in Jhb on Sunday morning …. which was Father’s day and the winter solstice and my birthday! I was so happy to be home and see my family that I started crying when I saw them. Hubby brought the kids to the airport and they were holding balloons and a card that Munchkin had written in and drawn a picture of me in. It was a wonderful homecoming 🙂

And even though it was my birthday the presents went from me to everyone else 🙂 All three of the kids loved their pressies … since I had asked them what they wanted and them actually managed to get it. There was a bit of a mishap with hubby’s Father’s day present though. I had ordered an item from Amazon.de since delivery is free when you’re in the country but DHL in Germany went on strike (I was actually quite surprised at this …. Germans going on strike!!). So just my luck, it was never delivered … which is super unusual for Amazon who are always extremely reliable. But I sent them an email and they are refunding my money. So I still need to sort hubby’s present but waiting for Amazon to refund me so I can replace it.

I am not enjoying the cold!!!

Going to Durbs next week …. really really hoping it’s nice and warm there!


Meanwhile, back at the ranch ….

Crikey! Has it really been 4 months since I’ve posted anything??? Sorry all for not commenting on your posts in the last while. I have been reading them … I get them via email … but I have not been good about commenting and staying in touch. I will try to fix that once again today though I imagine I won’t be able to comment on all the missed posts.

 So … during the last 4 months …

 Munchkin turned SIX!! (OMW … can you believe it?)

Big girl ...


Sweetpea turned FOUR!!! (Again … yikes!!)


Mister is completely potty-trained!! And the only reason I am bringing that up is because after SIX LOOOOONNNNNGGG years of nappies I honestly just need to celebrate the fact that there are no more nappies in the house … and that nappies are no longer on the shopping list or a part of my life … and that I don’t have to do poo-bums anymore!!



All 3 of them are recovering from being ill … Munchkin is still carrying her nagging cough but in general they are all on the mend and doing well!

 We managed to have 2 birthday parties last month (consecutive weekends) … a Barbie surfing party for Sweetpea and a Frozen party for Munchkin … much fun was had by all! This year was the first time we had separate parties for the girls … they are growing up!

 Hard to squeeze much detail into a single catch-up post so I’m gonna stick to the highlights and maybe do a separate post on some of the bigger issues that have come up.

 A really big and positive thing that has happened is that I managed to get my working hours adjusted. After much negotiation and discussion my working hours have been changed to 7am to 1pm for the majority of my time but I will be expected to work longer hours when my projects are actually running or have a client meeting etc. I can handle that! The hours that I am short each week I will put in unpaid leave for … so I will be taking a knock in my salary BUT I will get to fetch the kids from school and be there for them in the afternoons. This arrangement has really only taken effect this week but I cannot tell you the difference it makes already! The kids are thrilled that I’m home with them in the afternoons … I get to spend a lot more quality time with them … and now have the time to spend proper alone time with each of them separately which was really hard before. All I need to do is make sure I still deliver on everything I need to. My work load hasn’t changed; I just have 2 hours less in a day in which to get things done. I am really excited about this arrangement and am going to work hard to make it work!

 The early mornings are rough … especially cos it’s so dark now (and freezing today). I get up and get ready and then get Munchkin up and ready for school before I leave for work at around 6:20 and then FIL takes Munchkin to school and hubby takes Sweetpea. Sweetpea leaves home closer to 8 so there’s no big rush to get her out of the house before 7am like there is with Munchkin. Having my mum and hubby’s dad around is a huge help … especially now that FIL has taken over the morning drop-off (I got to work after 8 when I did Munchkin’s drop-off).  So now I get to work by 7am and can fetch them afterwards J

 Hubby is currently in Benin … again! This is his 4th trip this year!

 I have been uhm-ing and ah-ing about LCHF (Banting) for months … I bought the book last year but still never actually tried it. Then hubby read “Good calories, bad calories” and “What really makes you fat” over the December break and he was converted! He started Banting in January. Just him … he just adapted the food that was prepared at home. After a month of him Banting I saw the difference it made to him … it was pretty amazing! He felt great, was loving what he was eating and was losing weight after he has pretty much given up on ever being able to lose the extra weight he has been carrying for so long. So I decided to give it a bash … I started in Feb (was thinking of you Runnermum 🙂 ) I am still going strong … I admit I struggled with sugar-bit i.e. the fact that I can’t have any because I’ve always been a sugar-fiend … but I now bake approved treats and make my own ice-cream so that part is not as bad as it was. I was actually really very pleasantly surprised at how quickly I settled into it and as long as I bake banting goodies at least once a week to take care of my sweet craving I don’t have the urge to cheat much! But the bit that really makes me not want to cheat is the outcome of it. I have lost almost 11kg now and don’t struggle with blood-sugar lows and afternoon sleepiness … my weight has stabilized over the last couple of weeks but I’m not trying to lose any more. The last time I weighed what I weigh now was before I had Munchkin! I am really happy with the LCHF lifestyle 🙂 Should have followed in your footsteps sooner RM!

 OK I think that’s enough for a first attempt catch-up. Will hopefully be more regular going forward.

 Stay warm everyone!

Munchkin goes to Grade R

So after all that hullabaloo last year about not getting into the school we wanted and then not knowing which school we were going to send her to, things settled down and we found a great school and she got a spot without all that “testing” stuff where a teacher takes your child away and tests them to decide whether or not they are good enough to go to that school.

Anyhoo … Munchkin has been beside herself with excitement about starting “big school” since last year already. She (just like Deb’s Jamie :-)) was counting sleeps until she got to go to this big school. So … the big day rolls around and hubby and I both take her to do the drop-off together for the first day. She remained happy and excited though the nerves did kick in once we actually got to her classroom.

There was already a little cubicle with her name on it waiting for her to put her bag and lunch goodies in. There was a desk with her name on it as well. Very organised. She was most impressed that they knew her name already 🙂

It has been a week now … school started on the 14th Jan. I do her drop-offs and hubby does Sweetpea. And while she is still very happy to go to school, she is still very unsure and feeling a bit insecure I think during those mornings when there is time to play outside before class starts at 7:30. Once she is in class she is happy and involved and engaged. But I think because she still doesn’t have any friends yet that the mornings are a little rough for her.

Some of the other kids have known each other since Grade RR (this school starts at Grade RR) and there are little groups of kiddies all over the playground in the morning. Munchkin isn’t really a part of these groups yet so she feels a little alone and left out … I am guessing.

It is soooooo hard to walk away from a child that is looking with you with big sad eyes saying “Don’t go mummy”. I know she will be fine … I know she will settle in and find a friend or friends … but until then it’s going to break my heart a little every morning to leave her … even though its only 20 mins or so and then class starts.

My little Munchkin ….


An Update

Things have started off with a bang in 2015.

That big project of mine that was supposed to have run in Nov/Dec 2014 was moved to Jan/Feb 2015! My furnace started up last week Friday and we are running until early Feb. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with me on call for it all and working stupid hours … this of course means I am tired and grumpy a lot of the time these days. But hey … it’s just 4 weeks and then things will settle back down into a normal routine.

The holidays were wonderful. Quiet … just lots of family time and little outings with the little ones.

Christmas was spent at my brother’s house were we ate too much and spent the rest of the time lounging in the pool. Ah the joys of a summertime Christmas J The kids had a blast of course. It was a very FROZEN Christmas on the present front with the girls getting a lot of Frozen related pressies … and even Mister got a talking Olaf which he adores.

2015 also marked the start of Munchkin’s big school life. She started Grade R at her new school on Wednesday. She already loves it there … but hasn’t really made any friends yet. I’m not too worried … I’m sure that will come in time.

Sweetpea now goes to her pre-school alone and has been coping wonderfully with it. She’s so comfortable there. After looong discussions hubby and I decided to keep Mister home until he’s closer to being 3. So he will start at pre-school with Sweetpea in Term 3.

All-in-all we are good but so busy it’s a little hard to breathe right now. I am so looking forward to Feb when I can just exhale and get things back to normal.

I am so sorry I haven’t been commenting on your posts for a while. I have been reading them on email though.

May 2015 bring you all love, peace and joy!!

Just a few pics of my lovelies …

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna

Little Mister  .... yes he's eating sprinkles with a spoon ...

Little Mister …. yes he’s eating sprinkles with a spoon …

The 3 musketeers

The 3 musketeers

ALL my lovelies .....

ALL my lovelies …..

Happy New Year!!!

Wishing you all a blessed and joyful 2015!!

I wrote an entire post about our holidays and work stuff and lost it all when my laptop froze this morning! 😦 Even my laptop wishes it was still on holiday it seems.

Will try to write up something proper this afternoon.

A scary incident that turned out to be nothing

I just thought I would share something that happened a couple of weeks ago. When I think about how I felt on this day I still feel a tight band around my chest and tears still fill my eyes … even though it turned out to be nothing!

As you know Mister stays home with our nanny and my mum and hubby’s dad, while the girls are off at pre-school. Mister LOVES the car!! Now this is a HUGE change from the way he was when he was smaller. We couldn’t get him into the car without a fight … strapping him into the seat was near impossible with all his screaming and wailing and flailing about. But now??? He climbs into the car seat all my himself and then instructs you to put his seat belt on!! Whenever we go anywhere now, after an hour all he wants to do is get back in the car and drive! He stares out of the window looking at everything … totally content and calm!

Anyhoo …

So … at some point during the day, Pa (which is what all the kids call hubby’s dad) takes Mister for a ride in the car … a quick one just around the block. Or to go get bread or milk or something like that. The entire trip usually takes about 10 mins. Pa has car seats in his car since he fetches the girls from school so Mister is always strapped in safely.

So a couple of weeks ago mum calls me at work to say that Pa and Mister left home more than an hour ago. It’s Mister’s lunch time and they aren’t home … they tried calling Pa but there was no answer on the phone. Cue sudden and instantaneous panic!!!!

I called Pa … phone just rings and rings. Call him again … phone just rings and rings! Call hubby in a flat panic …. crying because I had no idea where my son was!!! Cue hubby’s panic and anger!!

He hangs up and tries calling his dad a few times … I try some more! All the while we are both getting more and more worked up!

About 15 mins after I called hubby he called me back to say he found his dad!! Apparently Pa had decided to take Mister to hubby’s Godmother’s house (she lives just 10 mins away) for a visit. He didn’t tell anyone where he was going … and he had left his cellphone in the car while he was there, which is why he wasn’t answering.

I was immediately relieved that all was fine and Mister was safe and happy. Then my anger took over and I was seething at the fact that he took my son someplace without telling anyone where he was going … or asking if it was ok to take him …

Hubby confronted him when he got home from work … he was livid as well but had calmed down enough by the time he talked to his dad that there was no yelling. There wasn’t any yelling or anything but hubby explained how panicked we were and how he CANNOT just take Mister places without asking us. Pa was super apologetic and said it was a mistake and actually started crying cos he didn’t realised how worried and panicked we were. So it was all a giant honest mistake … he just never thought properly about what he was doing and was keen to show off his grandson a little.

So from now on … if he wants to take Mister someplace, he has to let us know first … and get our OK.

So everything is fine and it turned out to be nothing … but I will never forget that utterly overwhelming helpless and panicked feeling I had!

End of year madness and Mister’s party pics

The end of 2014 is rushing towards me at breakneck speed! I have not done ANY Christmas shopping or even thought about what pressies I would like to get for folks. With my big project due to start up mid-November I really doubt I will be able to get around to any shopping until the week before Christmas … which is awful cos the shops are always insanely busy!!

Oh … I got the job I interviewed for!! 🙂 So after all that stressing and being a nervous wreck before and during the interview … I got the job! The promotion (which is essentially what it is) only takes effect in December … which sucks a bit cos I could have got my new salary in November already!! Ugh … was hoping for a boost pre-holidays!

Hubby did NOT get the CT job! He was quite devastated as I think he was looking forward to a change of scenery and pace … the thought of living at the coast was very appealing … but alas!

Mister’s Micky Mouse party was loads of fun! Here’s a few pics:

Mister turns 2!!

Mister turns 2!!

It was a really great … and utterly exhausting day!

The girls concert is looming … and I have them proudly telling me about what they are for the concert. The theme is SAFARI!! 🙂 Munchkin is doing a flamingo dance and Sweetpea is doing an elephant dance apparently. They are so excited about it and getting to dress up and perform 🙂 I am really looking forward to it!!

Mum is away again … to Durbs for a big family wedding … but she will be back in time for the concert which is on 15th November. I wish I could go for the wedding … I love weddings … but there is no way. Also, its a Mr & Mrs invite … no kids … and all the people I would ask to watch the kids will be at the wedding 🙂

Next year is my turn to do our wedding anniversary and I have already made plans!! 🙂 So exciting. We will be going away for a couple of nights … just hubby and I! I look forward to the alone time. Last time hubby and I had some of that was back in 2012 before Mister was born and I am a real firm believer in keeping the marriage fire burning for the good of the whole family. After all, our marriage is what our family is built on.

I am REALLY looking forward to the December break. I am taking at least 3 weeks off … though I would like 4 weeks since Munchkin starts big school in January and I would really like to be there for her for that first week … fetch her from school etc. But I’m going to have to negotiate something with work. Not sure if they will approve 4 weeks … even though I have the leave days. Mister also starts pre-school … so suddenly I am a mum with all my kids at some kind of school!! How the hell did this happen??!!